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The Protector Culture Podcast with Jimmy Graham

Nov 23, 2020

In this episode, Jimmy is joined by Mike Glover, CEO of Fieldcraft Survival and Founder of American Contingency.

Jimmy and Mike have very similar backgrounds starting out as an enlisted soldiers in the armed forces, moving into a special operations career, and working as a contractor in Benghazi for one of our very own three letter agencies.

CEO’s of their respective organizations, Jimmy and Mike engage in an open and organic conversation about the importance of preparedness in everyday life, what’s in store in the coming months and years, and some advice or guidance for those who are looking to serve .. whether it be in their local communities and/or in the United States Armed Forces. 

Additional information for Jimmy Graham:

Jimmy Graham is a Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL, and Former Protective Officer for the CIA’s elite Global Response Staff or GRS. He is currently founder and CEO of Able Shepherd Emergency Readiness Training out of Denver, Colorado and is a proud husband and the father of 4 amazing children.

Additional information for Mike Glover:

Mike Glover is a former Special Forces disabled veteran with more than 18 years of military service, Mike has operated at the highest levels of Special Forces. Deploying 15 times to combat theaters, he has served in the following positions: SF Weapons Specialist, SF Sniper, SF Assaulter/Operator, SF Recon Specialist, SF Joint Terminal Air Controller (JTAC), SF Team Sgt, and SF Operations SGM.