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The Protector Culture Podcast with Jimmy Graham

May 17, 2021

Seven men head out into the reaches of the California desert to tackle the CA BDR aka California Backcountry Discovery Route.  The spectacular and challenging (expert only) 820-mile ride covers the south-eastern region of California. For the most part the trail consists of rugged two-track and remote dirt roads leading riders through majestic canyons, rocky riverbeds, and sandy washes of California’s famous deserts and national preserves, including a dream ride in the Mojave Preserve.


Keep in mind, each rider carried all of their equipment with them, on their bikes, including food, water, tent, sleeping bags, clothes, and tools for on the trail repairs.  For a little extra support and comfort, the riders were blessed with a Ford Raptor chase vehicle carrying a propane skillet for eggs, bacon, and steaks .. as well as a cooler full of ice and Coors Light ! 


Listen in and watch as five of the seven team members discuss topics ranging from the best piece of equipment .. to the items which were not needed and could have been left behind .. as well as several stories from the desert :-)