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The Protector Culture Podcast with Jimmy Graham

Feb 1, 2022

Very special thank you to Able Shepherd 014 Neil Pinkham...aka The Sage!!! There are no words to describe the impact Neil has on the Able Shepherd and efforts, including the countless number of individuals he has positively impacted over the years. You will be missed dearly and congratulations on a well earned retirement.

Based on recent feedback from the last podcast, one common request is “give me more .. Jimmy Graham.” Sit back, relax, and enjoy as Jimmy passionately discusses ‘if this is wrong, then this is what right looks like.’

With accountability, respect, and honor being out of style—what are you going to do to model the ‘right’ behavior?

Do you talk a big game, and do nothing?

Do you care enough to do something?

Do you know what you stand for?

If you are not moving the needle towards good, your complaints are no longer heard. What can be done when leaders claim to do what is best for your children, but cut the parents out of the equation?

2022 Elections, the only way to fix this is to start with us (we the people)...then elect representatives who are moral and just. kids will be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin.