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The Protector Culture Podcast with Jimmy Graham

May 17, 2022

Jimmy is joined by Bk to share a recent experience with a local Colorado school.  In a nutshell, the students can see that things are broken and they need to be fixed.  From the mouths of children “fix it or I will.”  Please,  follow along as Jimmy revists the request by the Physical Education teacher (to the Students) “what are some ideas of what you would like to do in class?”


With the idea that school districts are doing very little to nothing in an effort to protect students on campus, or in the classroom, the students take it upon themselves to make a request to learn some basic skills related to self defense and personal protection.  


Thankfully, the teachers and staff were willing to listen to the students and invited two of the Able Shepherd Lead Instructors into their P.E. classroom to introduce some self defense basic skills.  At the end of the week, the students walk taller and with more confidence knowing they have some knowledge and experience to build upon.