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The Protector Culture Podcast with Jimmy Graham

Oct 28, 2022

In preparation for two action packed and exciting adventures to include the Wyoming Backcountry Discovery Route (WY BDR) and the Able Shepherd Benghazi Ride, Jimmy reflects on the importance of living your action adventure.


What does it mean to use adventure to capture the hearts of men and women?  There is something magical that happens within when you challenge yourself, get outside your comfort zone, pursuing an adventure while developing lifelong memories and friendships.


The initial thought and motivation is based on the British television series “Long Way Round”, which eventually led into the planning and execution of “The Ride for Lance” which later was made into a movie and is available on


Since The Ride for Lance, Able Shepherd in conjunction with Able Nation has planned and executed the following adventure rides:


  • 2019 Able Shepherd Lineage Ride
  • 2020 Colorado BDR aka The Ride for Stevie
  • 2021 California BDR
  • 2022 New Mexico BDR
  • 2022 Wyoming BDR
  • 2022 Benghazi Ride (10 year anniversary at the Benghazi Memorial in Big Fork, MT)


Stay tuned for an Able Shepherd short film after the Wyoming BDR is completed :-)