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The Protector Culture Podcast with Jimmy Graham

Apr 19, 2021

Ever wonder what the vision is for the Protector Culture and how it integrates with the Able Shepherd training program, Stand In The Gap Initiative, and ?  


In this episode Jimmy weaves the story together highlighting the purpose and enthusiasm incorporated into  each initiative.


Apr 12, 2021

Every so often one will see, read, or hear something which really sticks with them and is contemplated over and over in an effort to fully understand or digest the information.  In today’s episode, Jimmy introduces three items described as “must see.”


Gary Ellis, a fellow SEAL Team member, introduces Jimmy to a...

Apr 5, 2021

Parker Mansour (AS019) joins Jimmy Graham (AS001) to discuss lead exposure, safety principles, and mitigation options for protectors who shoot and train in an indoor or outdoor range environment. 


The primary sources of lead exposure in a training environment include inhalation, which requires the use of a properly...